Development and Evaluation of Emerging Design Patterns for Ubiquitous Computing

Eric Chung, Jason Hong, James Lin, Madhu Prabaker, James Landay, and Alan Liu

Designing Interactive Systems (DIS)


Printertainment: Printing with Interactive Cover Sheets

Jason Hong, Morgan Price, Bill Schilit, and Gene Golovchinsky

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)

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ubiquitous computing


Shadow: A Personal Experience Capture System

Jason Hong, Mark Newman, and James Landay

DARPA Workshop on Smart Spaces

Workshop Paper Adobe acrobat reader

ubiquitous computing


Cyberguide: A Mobile Context-Aware Tour Guide

Gregory Abowd, Chris Atkeson, Jason Hong, Sue Long, Rob Kooper, and Mike Pinkerton

ACM Wireless Networks